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While photos will always be a must-have in residential real estate, there are times when photos alone aren’t enough. Times when prospective buyers and tenants need to see a little more…

The beauty of real estate video (aka virtual tour) is that it shows the things photos struggle to convey – especially when coupled with music. Not just layout and relative size, but lifestyle and feelings. Videos bring listings to life – your audience will get the sense they’re actually walking through the property, which makes it more real and amplifies emotional attachment, thereby increasing their sense of urgency.

Of course, to do any of this properly, you can’t just shoot the very same rooms and views you took photos of – endless bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, entertaining areas and so on. At Digital Real Estate, we create cinematic art, not just marketing collateral. We might evoke feelings of warmth with a close-up of a fireplace, or hint at a sought-after lifestyle with a walk-through of the local shops and cafes. Alternatively, we may convey a sense of space by panning across a view, or invoke a sense of grandeur by flying up the circular driveway and through the front doors.

And all of this perfectly complemented by one of more than 100,000 music tracks, of course. Perhaps a classical track to highlight elegance, a chillout track to accompany video of people relaxing at sunset, or a rockabilly track for the property that has a ‘one-of-a-kind’ character and charm.

Then there’s professional voiceover too, thanks to our partners at one of Australia’s leading voice talent agencies.  We can even produce it in multiple languages – perfect if you’re targeting the booming Asian property investment market.

Of course, if you prefer, we can make it a video of you guiding the viewer around the property, in which case you won’t need a voiceover at all. (And if you’re not entirely comfortable presenting on video or you feel you won’t do the property justice, we can help you with that too. We have one of Australia’s most experienced trainers to help you through the process of presenting. She’s worked for the BBC in the UK and Channel 7 in Australia.)

Don’t have a script? No problems. We’ll take your agent’s notes or property description and turn it into an emotive script that engages viewers and keeps them watching.

Plus, because our videos are engaging from the very beginning, they’re perfect for auto-play Facebook ads (which must engage viewers within 2-3 seconds, before they continue scrolling down through their news feed). This means you can target prospective buyers and tenants who may not be actively searching for a new home, but would purchase if they found the right place. You can even display ads to people based on what they post on Facebook. Maybe they complained about “living in a shoebox” or are “thinking about extending”…

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Real estate video can highlight the things photos struggle to convey. Not just layout and relative size, but functionality, lifestyle and feelings. Videos bring residential and commercial listings to life.


We create cinematic art, not just marketing collateral. We can evoke feelings of warmth, hint at a sought-after lifestyle, convey a sense of space, focus on functionality etc.


All videos are perfectly complemented by one of more than 100,000 music tracks and include professional voiceovers from a leading voice talent agency.


Engaging from the very beginning, our videos are perfect for auto-play Facebook ads., upload to YouTube or other social media options.

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