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Premium real estate video options that won’t break your budget

Because most agents think real estate video is too expensive, it’s still used on only a small number of property listings – typically the exclusive properties. This means buyers and renters tend to associate video with exclusivity, even when the property isn’t anything to write home about. So video usually delivers higher response rates and reduced time to sale (or rent).

At Digital Real Estate, we’ve been shooting and producing real estate video since 2010. We use high definition cameras and the same production technologies as they use in Hollywood blockbusters, and we take the time to reveal the visual appeal and key characteristics of every property, by choosing the best scenes and angles, and applying the most appropriate lighting and production treatments.

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Promote your office and individual agents

It’s not all about property videos, either. In fact, video is just as effective for promoting your office and individual agents. With a video profile and regular market update videos, you can convey your expertise, illustrate your local market knowledge. and demonstrate your points of difference.

Not confident on camera? We have one of Australia’s most experienced trainers to help you – or the whole team – through the process of presenting. She’s worked for the BBC in the UK and Channel 7 in Australia. Why not give us a call to find out more?

Professional Voiceover and Script

All our videos include a professional voiceover, from one of Australia’s leading voice talent agencies. You can choose from over 50 male and female voiceover artists to find the one who best suits your brand and positioning of your listing – young and fresh, mature and authoritative, etc.

And if you don’t have a script for them to follow, we can sort that out for you too. We’ll have one of our professional copywriters  write it, ensuring it covers everything you need to say, and we can even produce it in multiple languages if you require (perfect if you’re targeting the booming Asian property investment market).

Production-quality Music

Just as importantly, every video includes royalty-free backing music from our library of over 100,000 tracks. Just choose the style and genre that best suits your purposes – maybe something up-tempo for a city lifestyle, or a laid-back, acoustic track for a rural acreage or beachside sea change.

And because it’s royalty-free, your video doesn’t have to acknowledge the music’s copyright holder (many real estate video companies use music that needs on-screen acknowledgement, which cheapens the production and your brand).


Try one of our videos (ground-based, aerial or both) on your next listing to see what a difference it makes to your response and closure rates.