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Today, most buyers, and renters, will commence their property searches on the internet. In this environment, there’s no question that premium real estate photography makes listings stand out and attracts buyers’ attention.

At Digital Real Estate, premium property photography is our core speciality. We always strive to produce bright, vibrant, razor-sharp photos – images that ‘pop’ and that prospective buyers and tenants can’t help but notice.

But we can do even more by offering a few special extras! Have you ever considered, for example, digital de-cluttering, virtual furnishing, dusk photographsaerial shots or video tours?

Virtual Furnishing

Vacant properties can look somewhat sterile and even evoke feelings of having been abandoned. It’s also difficult to look at a photograph and gauge how large a room is if there’s no furniture in it.

There are two remedies available. One is to engage a stylist and hire in furniture for the duration of the sales campaign. But this can be a fairly expensive option with furnishing and styling a typical three-bedroom house running into thousands of dollars.

A much cheaper option is virtual furnishing. This involves digitally adding images of various items of furniture to photographs that we have taken of the empty rooms. The result gives prospective buyers a vision of what the property could look like, quickly transforming it into a warm and inviting home. You don’t need to stage every room in the house, but we do recommend you consider including key areas such as the living, lounge, dining, kitchen and master bedroom sections. And with the cost per room starting at just $50, this is certainly an affordable option.

Digital De-cluttering

Digital de-cluttering is the opposite of virtual furnishing. It’s a particularly attractive option when photographing rental properties occupied by tenants who are a tad messy. Messy tenants who aren’t interested in helping to present a property to best advantage, or tenants who refuse to let you photograph their furniture and possessions, can put a real spanner in the works.

Basic digital de-cluttering involves digitally removing items from the images of a home. Its easy to remove items from kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, and other horizontal surfaces. And its also possible to erase clutter on the floor, and otherwise digitally clean up a home. Best of all, because this type of digital de-cluttering is minimal, so is the price. Rates start at as little as $5 per image.

In those situations where tenants have refused permission to photograph their possessions, you still have options available. Rather than a limited digital de-clutter as described above, it is possible to do a full digital furniture removal so that your tenants’ possessions don’t appear in the images at all. This keeps you compliant with relevant laws (which require tenant permission for photographing their possessions), and it allows you to go to the market sooner with professional property images.

Full digital furniture removal jobs are a more complicated affair than the other options described above, as your photographs need to be taken from angles that will allow for re-creating spaces that are currently obscured by furniture.

Although it’s a complicated task, prices for full digital de-cluttering start at just $20 an image.



We offer a wide range of specialist services to enhance your property listings and attract visitor attention, including dusk photography, aerial photos and videos, as well as video tours.


Quickly transform photos of sterile, empty rooms into a warm and inviting homely atmosphere with the addition of virtual furniture to selected key areas in your vacant property listing.


This is a particularly attractive option when photographing rental properties occupied by tenants who are a tad messy.


All of our options for enhancing your property listings are most affordable and are guaranteed to give that extra edge to your marketing campaign.

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