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You don’t need to be convinced that premium property photography delivers results. Your real challenge is finding a property photographer who can do it at a reasonable price. And turn it around fast.

Well, now you have…

Digital Real Estate specialises in premium real estate photography. Bright, vibrant, crystal-clear photos that draw out the beauty and lifestyle benefits of any home. We take multiple shots under different lighting conditions and with different filters, then we blend them – by hand (not with automatic programs) – to produce a single, attention-grabbing photo. And we do that for every single shot of your listing.

This unique technique is a combination of traditional flash photography and high dynamic range (HDR) photography, and we’re one of the only real estate photographers that use it. Most use one or the other – flash or automated HDR. But alone, flash and automated HDR create harsh shadows, washed out colours, stark shiny spots, fuzzy edges, uneven lighting and limited views through windows. By combining both techniques using our unique method, we overcome the weaknesses of both traditional techniques to create truly inspiring images.

And you can be sure our photographers will pay close attention to all the small things on location. Like moving bins, garden hoses, shoes and other distracting items before shooting, adjusting windows and blinds, and making sure all lights are on.

It’s also worth noting that our purpose is not to take a photo of every single room and angle. Our aim to entice prospective buyers to enquire, and showing too many photos is counterproductive. No-one wants to see every single bedroom, bathroom, window and door from every possible angle. They want to see a small but comprehensive selection of helpful, informative shots. Our property photographer will collaborate with you and the vendor to decide what those shots should be, then we’ll make sure they’re impeccable.

You don’t have to wait longer for your photos either. Book your date and time and we guarantee you’ll have your photos by 12 noon the next business day after the photographer does the shoot.



We specialise in premium residential real estate photography using a unique photographic technique to achieve top results.


We pay close attention to all the small things on location, ensuring that each property is presented in the best possible way.


We collaborate with you and the vendor to decide on a comprehensive selection of shots and then we make sure they’re impeccable.


And you don’t have to wait longer for your premium photos to be delivered. We guarantee next business day delivery by 12 noon.

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