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Technology is definitely impacting almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives, so its not surprising that it is having a significant effect on the real estate marketing scene. And one of the most recent innovations is the use of drones or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) to produce remarkable aerial photographs. Not so long ago these could be achieved only by using light fixed-wing aircraft or helicopters – rather expensive options. Drones have made aerial photography an affordable option that is no longer the preserve of exclusive properties.

So you’ve probably already come to appreciate that an aerial perspective can be a particularly useful tool in marketing a home, an urban block of land or rural acreage, a housing estate, a new sub-division or a regional shopping centre. Drones can capture not just the property itself, but also the surrounding area. By capturing your listing from up to 120 metres above ground level, it’s possible to highlight location; size and layout; proximity to important landmarks, services and destinations; and even the views from high-rise buildings.

Now, if this can all be achieved by using still images, how much richer and engaging will the experience be for your viewers if all this is captured on ultra high definition video? Sweeping vistas, 360 degree panoramas, exhilarating fly-overs, low-level passes, zooming up driveways to the front door …. all are possible.

Excited by the prospect of a bird’s-eye perspective and panoramic views? Then your next step is to ensure that you engage a properly licensed drone operator with a proven track record in achieving top quality results, using the right equipment and having the skills to do your listing justice.


Real estate aerial video can highlight not only the property itself, but also the surroundings. Aerial videos bring residential and commercial listings to life.


Our aerial videos can take your property marketing to the next level, convey a sense of space, hint at a sought-after lifestyle, demonstrate functionality, attract attention and encourage engagement.


All aerial videos are perfectly complemented by one of more than 100,000 music tracks and include professional voiceovers from a leading voice talent agency.


Engaging from the very beginning, our aerial videos are perfect for auto-play Facebook ads., upload to YouTube or other social media options.

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