Why Property Managers Must Use Professional Real Estate Photography

It will come as no surprise when I say that the Brisbane rental market is starting to tighten up.

As the number of available rental properties has increased, so has the time they’re spending on the market. These rising vacancy rates mean lost income for your landlords, and for you. In other words, it’s a bad situation all round.

With the market flooded in this way, ensuring that your rental listings stand out from the crowd has never been more important. After all, when a property stands out, it’s more likely to attract the eyes of more potential tenants, faster. Which means that you can lease the property faster.

And the good news is, there’s one simple, sure-fire way to get standout rental listings: invest in professional real estate photography.

Drab and Dull?

Let’s be honest, most online rental property listings look the same. And the key thing that makes them look the same is the photos.

The majority of rental photos you’ll see have been taken on a smartphone or point and shoot camera. These cameras might be great for selfies and even holiday snaps, but they lack wide angles, and do nothing to light up rooms in an appealing manner.

Because of this, the photos are dull and drab, and one listing quickly blurs into another when a potential tenant browses realestate.com.au. This might be okay when the market is stacked in your landlord’s favour, with higher rental demand than supply. But in the tight rental market Brisbane landlords and rental agents are currently finding themselves in, this is not an effective strategy.

Bad Real Estate Rental Photography

Real Estate Rental Photography

Eye-Catching and Appealing

Scroll through the most recent rental property listings online, and see which ones stand out to you. It’s a good bet they all have one thing in common: the properties were listed with professional photos.

Professional rental property photos stand out from regular photos because they’re clear, sharp, warm, and high quality. The images’ warmth and clarity make them more appealing, their sharpness gives the impression that they’re accurate, and their high quality communicates professionalism.

Because the images make the property stand out from all the others on the market, it’s more likely to be leased faster. Studies have shown that this is the case. As a bonus, the professional feel these images give also tends to attract a higher calibre of tenant.

At the end of the day, you get a property leased with good tenants, faster. Which tends to make for a very happy landlord. Win-win.

Bad Real Estate Rental Photography

Real Estate Rental Photography

Pitching Professional Photography to Landlords

Of course, professional photography costs more than DIY photography. And your landlord is the one who foots the bill. Because of this, some landlords can be resistant to the idea of professional real estate photography.

When you’re pitching professional photography to landlords, the obvious benefits to cite are that the property will be leased faster, to better quality tenants. For your landlord, that means minimal loss of rent, and a maximum return on investment.

But that’s not the only reason you should recommend your landlord market their rental property with professional photos.

Professional real estate photos also provide an accurate record of the pre-lease condition of your property. In tandem with your condition report and photos, you’ll have high quality images to consult should anything be damaged during the tenancy.

So long as nothing has significantly changed, your professional photos can also be reused each time you re-lease the property. In other words, they’re a once-off investment that will pay dividends over and over again.

And finally, if your owner ever decides to sell (you never know when this might happen), your professional photos can be used in the sales process. This is particularly beneficial if the tenants who are in the home when your landlord decides to sell don’t present the property to its full potential, or won’t allow you to photograph it while they’re still present. You don’t have to waste time waiting for the tenants to vacate before the home can go to market with quality photos.

With so many benefits, let’s be honest: your landlord would be crazy to pass up on the opportunity to market their property with professional images – especially in Brisbane’s current rental climate.

Get Professional

If you want to lease properties faster, professional photography is the right investment to make.

Digital Real Estate

At Digital Real Estate, we offer a quick-turnaround professional photography service to rental agents across the Brisbane area, with your images delivered by 10 am the next business day.

If that sounds like the sort of service you’re looking for, book your first rental shoot online today.

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  1. Annie Frances-Reply
    25/05/2016 at 4:48 AM

    Wow, the differences in these pictures are incredible. As I’m selling my house now, I think I’ll have to hire a specific real estate photographer to make my house look more appealing. I like all the light that’s added with the professional photos. Thanks for the help!

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