Five Visual Marketing Tools for Powerful Project Marketing

When you get your project marketing for a small development right, it pays dividends.

But do you know which visual marketing tools are needed for powerful project marketing?

If not, then you’re in the right place. Read on to discover five of the best visual marketing tools you can invest in to market your next project.

3D Renders

The greatest challenge when marketing a project is the fact that it hasn’t been built yet. This means that two key property marketing tools – real estate photos and open homes – aren’t available to you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still give people an accurate idea of the look and feel of the finished property. You just have to be a little more creative.

3D renders provide an accurate, 3D impression of how your project will look when it’s completed. They can show individual rooms, the entire development in its surroundings, and everything in between. 3D renders give potential purchasers the opportunity to really visualise and understand what the finished property will look like. And the more they can catch the vision of the finished property, the more they’ll be comfortable signing on the dotted line.

The process for creating 3D renders varies depending on who you work with. At Digital Real Estate, we’re serious about creating accurate 3D renders, so we work from your architectural plans, schedule, and finishes to ensure we get things right. Our renders include all fixtures and fittings such as kitchen layouts and appliances, as well as furniture and soft furnishing to give your render a realistic, “lived in” look and feel. We work with you to choose the right angles from which to present rooms, and can also create renders for the exterior of the building/s. This works for both residential and commercial properties.

3D Floor Plan

3D Floor Plans

2D floor plans may work when potential purchasers can see a property in real life, but when you’re working with an unfinished or yet-to-be-built project, 3D floor plans are worth the investment.

3D floor plans help potential purchasers to understand the flow of a property, and to visualise how furniture could be arranged in it. In addition to illustrating the layout of the apartment or house, 3D floor plans also show the fixtures and fittings in the bathrooms, kitchen, etc. Because your buyers can’t get these details from visiting the property, 3D floor plans help to bridge the gap between theory and reality in a much more powerful manner than their 2D counterparts. And when a potential buyer can more easily visualise a property, they can more easily decide to purchase it.

“Local Area” Images & Videos

Local area marketing is a powerful approach for selling any property, but it’s especially powerful when selling to investors or other people buying off the plan.

As the name suggests, local area marketing is about showing off your property’s location. This involves showcasing local amenities such as shopping centres, public transport, schools, the suburb’s proximity to the CBD, and other features of interest. If you can “sell” the location to your buyers, you can sell the property to them too.

Local area marketing is particularly effective for selling off-the-plan properties because it focuses on places and services that have already been built. This helps to make the concept of your development more real by contextualising it in a familiar and existing context.

For powerful local area marketing, we recommend using lifestyle and area photos and/or videos. You can even incorporate aerial photography or videography into your local area marketing material.

Real Estate Drone Photography Brisbane

Showcasing the Views

Will your finished project have a view? Then you’d be crazy not to showcase it.

We all know that views sell, and this is no less true in project marketing. Potential buyers love to know what they’ll see when they walk out onto their balcony or look out their windows. Obviously, with your project yet to be built, you can’t physically walk them out onto their balcony. But you can still show them exactly what they’ll see.

Using a UAV (aka drone), you can get a 360 degree view from each level of your project. At Digital Real Estate, we use our drone to fly to accurate levels above ground and take a series of images. We then stitch these images together to showcase the 360 degree view, and the views from different apartments. We can also use these views in your 3D renders to accurately depict the view outside. Win-win.


No project is complete without a website.

A project website ties everything to do with your development together. It also adds a sense of legitimacy to your project. A page on a property portal might sell an existing house or apartment, but it’s not enough for an off-the-plan property.

Your website should have pages about your development, the area, how to purchase, any available grants, and other relevant information. Basically, you want to put everything a potential purchaser would want to know in one place. As well as being simple and straightforward to read, it should be visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Click here to see an example of a project website.

Marketing Your Project

Have you marketed a small development before? Which of these visual marketing tools did you find most useful? Are there any other’s you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments below!

At Digital Real Estate, we specialise in all the services described above. If you want to learn more about project marketing, or if you want to book us to help market your next project, then we want to hear from you. Click here to get in touch today.

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