How to Photograph Properties with Messy Tenants

Research has shown that professional real estate photos help properties to sell and lease more quickly.

But getting those photos isn’t always as easy as it sounds – especially when it comes to tenanted properties.

Messy tenants who don’t present a property to best advantage, or tenants who refuse to let you photograph their furniture and possessions, can put a real spanner in the works.

Thankfully, however, there are solutions to both these problems. In this post, we explore what these are, and how to go about implementing them.

Incentivise Messy Tenants

If your tenants have granted permission for their possessions to be photographed, but they’re rather messy, then the simplest approach to solving this problem is to incentivise them.

A Westfield Gift Card, or something similar, can be the motivation your tenants need to neaten up their home. In my experience, the value of the card needs to be around $150-200 so that the tenant feels that it’s worth their while to clean up. This is a bit of an investment, but it’s an investment that pays dividends, as you can get better photos for marketing the property, sooner. And that means that you can sell or lease it sooner, too.

Digitally Declutter Messy Homes

If your tenants aren’t interested in cleaning up their act, but they’ve given you permission to photograph the property, then it’s time to consider digital decluttering.

Straightforward digital decluttering involves digitally removing items from the images of a home. You can remove items from benchtops, vanities, and other horizontal surfaces, erase clutter on the floor, and otherwise digitally clean up a home. Best of all, because this type of digital decluttering is minimal, so is the price. Rates start at as little as $5 per image.

Erase Tenant Possessions Entirely

If your tenants refuse permission for photographing their possessions, you still have options available.

Rather than a limited digital declutter like we described above, you can do a full digital furniture removal so that your tenants’ possessions don’t appear in the images at all. This keeps you compliant with relevant laws (which require tenant permission for photographing their possessions), and it allows you to go to the market sooner with professional property images.

Full digital furniture removal jobs are a more complicated affair than the other options described above, as your photographs need to be taken from angles that will allow for re-creating spaces that are currently obscured by furniture. If you and your target market aren’t fans of the “blank slate” look, you can also choose to have virtual furniture added to your images to make them more inviting.

Although it’s a complicated task, prices for full digital decluttering start at just $15 an image.

The Easiest Option

Of course, the easiest way to get the best professional photos is to ensure you have photos taken before you lease a property. These photos can then be used each time you re-lease the property, or when it goes on sale.

So next time you get a new rental listing, plan ahead and save yourself from any future messy tenant headaches. I can guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

(You can learn more about how professional photos help to lease properties faster here.)

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