How Quality Photos Can Boost Your Real Estate Branding

Have you ever wondered how two real estate agencies in the same suburb can attract completely different buyers and sellers?

When it comes to your real estate branding, buyers and sellers will take you at face value. And a huge part of your “face value” is your real estate photos.

So, what are your real estate photos saying about your brand?


Perception is everything in business, and real estate is no exception.

When you work with a quality real estate photographer, you can expect property photos that reflect a premium lifestyle or “magazine” look.

Can you guess the sort of perception these photos will create? Magazine-quality real estate photos send a message to the market that, as an agent, you’re serious about what you do. They demonstrate your commitment to investing in quality, and therefore your commitment to achieving results. This forms a positive perception of your brand for any buyer or seller who’s thinking about contacting you.

By contrast, average photos send an “average” message about you, your properties, and your brand. Is that the sort of message you want to send?

The “High End” Feel

Quality real estate photos create a “high end” feel for your properties, and by extension for your office and brand.

But importantly, you don’t need high end properties in order to create high end images. In most cases, the difference between “high end” real estate photography and budget real estate photography isn’t the property itself. Instead, the difference is in the angles, lighting, composition, and editing processes used in creating the images.

Naturally, because of this, there’s a difference in price between higher end and budget real estate photography. Higher end real estate photography takes a little longer, and requires a more experienced photographer. But the small difference in price for this initial investment can make a big difference to the presentation – and final price – of the property.

Ultimately, it’s a question of cost vs value. And the value is definitely worth the cost. Because not only can you sell well-photographed properties for premium prices – the photos also do wonders for your branding.

Pre-Photo Preparation

Preparation is vital for ensuring that your real estate photos reflect favourably on your brand.

I’m sure you’ll agree that most homes in their day-to-day state will not create the best perceptions for the property or for your brand. Which means that prior to engaging a real estate photographer, it’s important to prepare the property for photography.

Our free ‘Preparing Your Property for Real Estate Photography’ eBook covers a list of simple but effective steps you can take to ensure your properties are presented to best advantage. From attending to the lighting in the home, to prepping the yard, and everything in between, it will guide you through the process of preparing a home for real estate photography… and for reflecting positively on your brand.

You can download our free property preparation guide here.

One Final Tip

There’s one final tip for ensuring your real estate photos affect your brand in all the right ways – and that’s understanding that quantity isn’t quality.

This one’s actually great news for you, because it means that you can keep the photography time – and costs – within reasonable bounds.

You see, you don’t need 25 photos of every room in a house. In fact, you don’t even need 20 photos in total. If you want the premium, high end feel for your listings and branding, you need only aim for 8-12 quality photos. These should focus on the living spaces and entertaining areas, as these are the spaces that influence buyer decisions. Present them well, and have them photographed by a quality photographer, and you’ll not only raise your brand’s profile and perceptions – you’ll also attract more buyers, and more quality properties to your office.

What Do Your Photos Say About Your Brand?

As you can see, the quality of your real estate photos will affect the public perception of your brand.

So, are you comfortable with what your photos are saying about your brand?

If your answer’s “yes”, then great!

But if not, you can always contact Digital Real Estate to discuss how we can help you take your real estate brand to the next level with quality real estate photos.

Your Say

Do you have any further tips for ensuring your real estate photos reflect favourably on your brand? Then we want to hear them! Let us know in the comments below.

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