How Aerial Photography & Video can Benefit Your Next Listing




All words that could describe what you’re looking for in your next real estate listing, right? After all, as a real estate agent, your job is to get the properties you’re selling to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Because no one can sell a property that hasn’t been noticed.

But how often do you really see property listings with power, punch, and pizazz?

All too often, when potential buyers hop onto, they find listings that are boringly, mind-numbingly the same. Like clones from a mad scientist’s production line. But much less remarkable (or illegal).

If you’ve noticed this problem, then you’ve probably also asked yourself what you can do to make your next listing stand out.

If that’s the question that’s on your mind, then it’s time to consider the benefits of adding aerial photography and video to your next property listing. Here’s why…

Why aerial photos?

Using aerial photos and videos can benefit your real estate listings in a number of ways.

Location, location, location

We all know that location is one of the key selling points for almost any property, so any way to highlight the benefits of your property’s location is a definite win.

Aerial shots are a great way to give more location information to potential buyers. For example, you can highlight the nearby amenities to show just how prime your piece of real estate is. An aerial shot with outlines around the nearby child care centre conveys a much more powerful message than the words “within 500m of child care facilities”. And as you probably guessed, highlighting the location features is especially beneficial if you’re marketing to overseas buyers who aren’t familiar with the area, and won’t be coming to inspect the property in person.

Real Estate Aerial Photography


Aerial photos and videos also give added perspective. By marking the boundaries of a property from birds-eye-view, you can give prospective buyers a much better idea of its size and situation than if you simply state the dimensions in square metres.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Highlighting an off the plan view

Do you market properties off the plan? Then you’ll know how important it is to give people as much of a “feel” for the new property as you can. One great way to do this is to showcase the prospective views from your unbuilt houses, units, or high rises. You mightn’t be able to show the view in real life, but you can show it in video. And as you know, views sell.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Standing out

Finally, even if it didn’t come with all the other benefits, marketing a property with aerial photos and videos is a great way to make that property stand out from the crowd. Like I said, too many real estate listings are same-old, same-old. They don’t stand out. Instead, they fade into the white noise of all the other properties. But with aerial photos, it’s impossible for your property to fade into the background – instead, it will stand out in stark contrast to the other listings.

Getting it right

Of course, aerial photography and videography can be done well, or very badly. So there are a few things to keep in mind about getting it right.

Use a drone

To begin with, choose a real estate photographer with a drone – and a license to operate it. Elevated photography with a pole is unwieldy, and doesn’t let you manoeuvre into any position around a property like a drone allows you to do. It also limits the height and views you can get, whereas a drone can give you unique angles anywhere, from the ground up to 120 metres (400 feet) in the air.

No GoPros

It’s also important to make sure your photographer will be using a quality camera. You don’t want the bubble/fish eye effect of a GoPro or other cheap built-on camera. The bubble look distorts your aerial photos and videos (effectively negating the first three benefits of aerial shots) and looks cheap.

Licenses & insurance are a must

Like I said, you need a real estate photographer with a license to operate a drone. These licenses are issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) only after extensive learning and testing on areas including safety, flying, and operating in air space. You also want a photographer with insurance – and they can only get insurance if they have a CASA license.

What we do

At Digital Real Estate, we are CASA certified and have special licenses that allow us to fly anywhere (except for within 5.5 km of a towered aerodrome). This means we can fly in more places than many other operators. Our drone lifts our high-quality Canon DSLR camera with ease, and allows us to take photos and videos from heights of up to 120 metres.

(Interested in our aerial real estate photography and videography services Call us today on 0418 738 086.)

Your say

Have you ever marketed a property with aerial photos and/or videos? What sort of feedback did potential buyers (and your ultimate buyers) give you? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Thanks for the post. I can see a real benefit from aerial photography. I think it adds a new dimension and perspective for customers. I really like the idea of using aerial photography for selling properties. I think that can give the home buyer a good idea of the surrounding areas.

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