How to use Facebook for Local Area Real Estate Marketing

Local area marketing has long been an important real estate marketing activity.

But do you know how to take advantage of the opportunity for targeted digital local area marketing?

Why Use Facebook?

The rise of social media giants such as Facebook has been accompanied by the rise of cost-effective, highly-targeted, and easy-to-manage digital advertising.

Many of the tools for advertising on Facebook are designed for local businesses, which also makes them ideal for local real estate agents.

Facebook allows you to publish ads that reach your chosen demographic and geographic audience. The precision area parameters allow you to target your local area, while the demographic controls ensure that your ads are delivered to the people they’re most relevant to. That way, you won’t be wasting your marketing dollars advertising to children, or pensioners in Timbuktu.

In addition, these ads are more cost effective than printed advertising because, as well as being more targeted, they don’t require printing and organising letterbox drops.

Facebook ads are also more flexible than traditional print advertising, as they allow you to deliver easily-consumed electronic media to your target audience – media such as videos, website links, images, and more. This helps you to cut through the clutter and grab your audience’s attention.

How Do You Use Facebook for Local Area Marketing?

If you’re going to use Facebook for local area advertising, you’re going to need to use great content that engages people.

Your Content

Video is a particularly effective way to deliver content to your audience through Facebook, as Facebook’s video auto-play helps to capture people’s attention.

At Digital Real Estate, we’ve found that the following video types are particularly effective for Facebook advertising:

  • Local market updates – these videos establish your authority as a local real estate agent by telling people what’s happening in their local real estate marketplace
  • Market update reports – these videos share the latest stats on the local market, and can be used to build your database by linking to a lead capture page where people can register to receive a quarterly report
  • Agent or office profiles – these videos show people in the area what you’re all about, helping to build trust, familiarity, and authority with your target audience
  • Property marketing – these videos showcase your ‘for sale’ property or properties, and can be displayed to local area buyers (after all, we know a lot of buyers are from the local area!)
  • Sold property marketing – these videos display properties you’ve sold from the area, demonstrating your success in the local market and building authority, credibility, and trust with your target audience.

Your Ad

If you want to enjoy the best possible return on investment with your Facebook ads, you’ll need to target them so that they’re shown to the right audience.

You can set geographic targets based on cities, postcodes, or a radius from your real estate office.

Demographically speaking, use PriceFinder or RP Data to discover which age groups in your local suburb or chosen area are owner-occupiers or tenants. Then you can target the appropriate age groups using Facebook’s demographic targeting settings.

It’s also important to set a realistic budget for your ads. Your budget will determine how long each ad is displayed for and how many people it reaches.

Bonus Tip

Finally, here’s a Facebook marketing secret: it’s a good idea to post an ad “organically” first so that it can gather some free and natural “likes” and/or comments before you sponsor it as an ad.

People are more likely to trust an ad when they can see that other people have interacted with it first. If you have a few people in your real estate office, this shouldn’t be too difficult to organise. And as a bonus, you might pick up some interactions with other people along the way before you promote the post as an ad.

Do You Still Need Print Advertising?

In our experience, Facebook advertising shouldn’t replace hand delivered letterbox drops for “just listed” and “just sold” properties. Delivering these notices gives you an opportunity to meet people in the local marketplace and build a relationship with them. After all, people do business with people, not computers.

However, Facebook advertising is a great tool for expanding your marketing reach, setting up a point of difference between you and your competitors, and driving interest, engagement, and ultimately inquiries for you and your office.

What Digital Real Estate Do

At Digital Real Estate, we help our video clients develop appropriate Facebook ads. Not only do we help you create the right videos and content for your ad, we also help you to set it up and post it online.

If you want to see what Facebook advertising can do for your real estate marketing, then we need to chat. Contact Digital Real Estate today for personalised advice and to book in your next ad.


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