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YouTube vs Vimeo vs Self-Hosting for Real Estate Marketing Videos

Do you use videos for your real estate marketing? Then you’ve no doubt come up against the age-old (or 21st century-old) question of where to host your videos. The Options Broadly speaking, when it comes to hosting for your real estate videos, you have two choices: you can host the videos yourself, or you can upload them to a third

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How to use Facebook for Local Area Real Estate Marketing

Local area marketing has long been an important real estate marketing activity. But do you know how to take advantage of the opportunity for targeted digital local area marketing? Why Use Facebook? The rise of social media giants such as Facebook has been accompanied by the rise of cost-effective, highly-targeted, and easy-to-manage digital advertising. Many of the tools for advertising

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How to Use YouTube for Real Estate Pre-List Kit & Listing Presentation

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world (after Google), and the third most-visited site on the internet. Which means it’s a powerful tool for reaching potential buyers and sellers. As a real estate agent, you can develop your own YouTube channel to show prospects the videos you want them to see. By gaining a foothold in the

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How to use market update videos effectively

High performance real estate agents tend to have one thing in common: they’re all perceived as being experts in their field and locale. Because of this, establishing your authority as a real estate agent should be one of your top marketing goals. By demonstrating your knowledge of the local marketplace to potential buyers and sellers, you can position yourself as a

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5 Great Real Estate Video Options & How to Use Them

When you think of a real estate video, the first thing that no doubt springs to mind is a property video. But did you know that there are lots of other great ways to use video marketing in your real estate office? Some of these videos can be DIY, while others are better done professionally. Either way, when used to

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5 Tips for Creating a Professional Real Estate Agent Profile Video

Real estate agent profiles have long been a staple in every agent’s marketing package. But the traditional agent profile – a long-winded, predictable, dull description that reads like that boring novel you studied in year 9 English – doesn’t cut it in the internet age. Instead, profile videos are becoming an essential element in any real estate agent’s pre-listing kit. Why

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3D Virtual Real Estate Tours – Fad or the Future?

3D Virtual Real Estate Tours – Fad or the Future? Imagine if rather than simply having real estate photos (or even a video slideshow) of a property, you could have a 3D virtual tour for potential buyers to view online. Well you don’t need to imagine it (though by all means continue if you’re having fun). Because this technology is no longer confined to the

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