6 Oft-Forgotten Tips for Presenting a Home for Real Estate Photos

Real estate photos are the key ingredient in any property marketing campaign.

When a property is properly prepared for real estate photography, it sells faster, and provides a greater return on your marketing investment.

Great real estate photos look like photos from a magazine. They’re warm, inviting, and enticing. But there’s only so much a photographer can do to make your real estate photos look professional.

Your real estate photographer can only work with what you give them.

And this is why you need to know what to do to ensure your property is at its best in readiness for real estate photos to be taken.

Presentation 101

To help home owners and real estate agents present properties to their greatest advantage, we’ve put together a short eBook complete with checklists for presenting each room and area of your property. You can download the eBook for free here.

But in the meantime, here are 6 oft-forgotten tips for presenting your property for real estate photography…

Benchtops and Coffee Tables

They say that less is more, and when it comes to photographing a property, they’re right. So when you’re preparing a home for photos, it’s time to get your minimalism on.

The first step is to clear off all your kitchen and bathroom benchtops, and all your coffee tables. You want to leave only a couple of accent items, at most, in each location – for example, flowers or fruit in the kitchen, a trendy coffee table book in the living room. The rest needs to be put away.

Ceiling Fans

Many Brisbane homes have ceiling fans. After all, we have a climate that basically demands their presence. But because they’re so commonplace, it’s easy to forget that your ceiling fans require a bit of old-fashioned TLC when you’re presenting your home to be photographed.

You mightn’t notice the dust and lint that collects on your ceiling fans. It’s generally not that obvious, and why would you be looking at them anyway? But in your real estate photos, lint on ceiling fans definitely shows up for all the world to see. So make sure all your fans are free from lint and other dirty marks.


Now let’s talk lighting.

A key feature in any home if you plan on staying up past 5pm, lights are also a key feature in real estate photos. So you need to get your lighting right.

First, ensure that all your lights and lamps are working, and that they’re plugged in and turned on when your photographer arrives. You should also ensure that all your lights have the same colour “temperature” – e.g. either cool white, warm white, etc.

Matching colour temperatures is very important from a photographic perspective. If you want your photos to be even more professional, you need to choose the “right” colour bulbs for each room of the house. A guide to the best “colour” bulbs for different types of rooms is available in the eBook<link>.

Showers and Mirrors

Now we all know that certain details in any real estate photo can be photoshopped to create a more accurate representation of the space. But some things are beyond the reach even of Photoshop’s magic. And two of the main culprits are mirrors and showers.

Make sure that all your mirrors and shower screens are clean and free from soap and streak marks. Mirrors reflect even the smallest of streaks, while shower screens that haven’t been cleaned appear cloudy in photos.

As with your coffee tables and benches, it’s also important to remove shower caddies, shampoo bottles, cleaning products, and other items from the shower.


Most of us don’t bother edging the grass every time we mow the lawn. It’s much too time consuming. But if you’re planning on taking real estate photos, it’s time to whip out that whipper snipper and get to work. (Or perhaps pay a young whippersnapper to do it for you.)

Unfinished lawns may look fine to the naked eye, but when captured through a lens, their defects are clearly noticeable. So be sure to ensure the grass is mowed and the edges are trimmed before you present your property for photographing.

As a bonus hint: to make sure it’s as healthy-looking as possible, fertilise and water your lawn for at least a week before the photo shoot.


So you’ve removed a whole heap of (much-loved but un-photogenic) junk from your house. You’ve cleared every countertop and coffee table. And you’ve removed shower caddies and other paraphernalia from the shower.

But where are you going to put it all while your real estate photos are taken?

The good news is that the solution to this problem is simple. We won’t ever photograph the garage or the laundry. So they’re the ideal locations for storing everything you’ve momentarily evicted from the key rooms in your property. Who knows – this may even be a great opportunity to conduct a little spring clean and cull?

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Hopefully we’ve covered at least one tip you’ve never considered before when preparing your property for real estate photos! Let us know in the comments which tip was most surprising or helpful for you.

And, if you want the full low-down on preparing your home for real estate photos, be sure to download our Preparing Your Property For Real Estate Photography eBook. Did we mention it’s free?

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