5 Tips for Creating a Professional Real Estate Agent Profile Video

Real estate agent profiles have long been a staple in every agent’s marketing package.

But the traditional agent profile – a long-winded, predictable, dull description that reads like that boring novel you studied in year 9 English – doesn’t cut it in the internet age.

Instead, profile videos are becoming an essential element in any real estate agent’s pre-listing kit.

Why Video?

Potential sellers spend more and more time researching agents online in order to get to know them. Video is an easily-consumable online media that creates greater trust and connectionthan a written profile ever could.

And it’s this trust it creates that’s particularly important.

Human brains are wired to recognise faces. Facial recognition is a key step in building trust and rapport. With a video, people get to see you (and your face). This means that they’re more prone to trust you, because they’re more prone to recognise you. The same principle explains why real estate agents put their faces on signboards and real estate listings.

Top Tips

So, you know you need a profile video. But how do you create one that will help you stand out from the crowd? That’s where our 5 top tips come in…

Tip 1: Be Authentic

Many people think they need to put on an act in profile videos – but it’s actually vitally important that you do the opposite.

People want to see the real you. When they’re looking for someone to sell their home for them, they’re looking for someone they can trust and rely on. If you put on a fake persona, they’ll pick up on it, and move on. So be yourself!

It’s also important to remember that no one can be everything to everyone. Being yourself in your agent profile has the added advantage of ensuring you attract the sorts of sellers you want to work with. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress, or that you shouldn’t be on your best behaviour. But while doing this, you still need to be you.

Tip 2: Emphasise Your USP

You and I know that they’re all different, but real estate agents can seem to be a dime-a-dozen to potential sellers. That’s why it’s vital that you use your profile video to emphasise your unique selling point/s (USP/s).

This is where you tell potential sellers why they should choose you. It’s about what makes you different from the other agents out there.

You probably already know your USP. Chances are, it’s what you share when you give your 30 second elevator pitch. Your USP may involve your experience, your qualifications, your time in the marketplace, your results in the area, or something else. Remember, sellers want the highest price in the shortest possible time. Use your USP to show how you can achieve that for them.

Tip 3: Leverage Social Proof

You could stand there in your video and tell people why you’re awesome… or you could do the sensible thing, and have other people do that for you.

“Social proof” involves using the influence of people and “proofs” to promote you and your services. A typical example of social proof is a client testimonial, or an online review. Other examples include case studies, or statistics such as record sale prices or times.

By leveraging social proof in your profile video, you’re able to send a more powerful and more believable message to potential sellers about what you can do for them. Studies have shown that people are more likely to do business with someone who’s been recommended to them. While a personal recommendation from someone they know is the most powerful form of social proof, testimonials, reviews, and other forms of social proof are also very persuasive.

Tip 4: Keep it Short

Internet users are fickle and click-happy, which means they don’t stay anywhere on the web for very long.

Because of this, you need to ensure your video is concise. I recommend that it be no more than 2 minutes in length. This number is based on the results of research and studies, which have shown that engagement (which in this case basically means the likelihood of a person sticking around to finish your video) drops by up to 60% after 2 minutes.

So, keep it short!

Tip 5: Go Professional

Your real estate agent profile video will reflect on you and your business, so it’s not something that can be done hastily with your mobile phone camera.

When someone sells their home with you, they’re entrusting you with their biggest asset. They’re hardly going to do that if you don’t seem professional. And one key way to demonstrate your professionalism is your profile video. That’s why it’s important to invest in a professionally filmed profile video – so you can share the right first impression with potential sellers.

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So there you have it – 5 top tips for creating a professional video.

And if you’re looking for someone to film your profile video… well, as you’ve probably guessed, we know someone who can help

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