5 Great Real Estate Video Options & How to Use Them

When you think of a real estate video, the first thing that no doubt springs to mind is a property video.

But did you know that there are lots of other great ways to use video marketing in your real estate office?

Some of these videos can be DIY, while others are better done professionally. Either way, when used to best advantage, they can be powerful marketing tools for you and your real estate agency.

1 – Agent Profile Videos

With the internet just a click, tap, or “ok Google” away, potential sellers are increasingly turning to the online world to research real estate agencies and agents before taking the plunge and engaging one to sell their largest asset: their home.

A profile video is a great way for a potential seller to get to know the real you. Videos are more engaging and personal than a written profile. They’re also more likely to engender trust and connection. And we all know how important trust is when it comes to selling a property!

To use your agent profile video to full effect, we recommend featuring it on your personal agent profile on realestate.com.au and on your profile on your agency’s website.  It’s also a powerful video to use as your feature video on your Facebook page and YouTube channel.

(Click here for an in-depth look at agent profile videos.)

2 – Property Videos

A video showcasing a property is, as we said, the most obvious use of video marketing for real estate. But are you leveraging all the potential advantages your property videos can deliver?

Property videos showcase a property and sell a lifestyle. When done right, they’re appealing, engaging, and memorable.

It goes without saying that you’ll want to feature property videos on your listings across the web. But you can also use them to engage your local marketplace with targeted advertising.

When you upload your property videos to Facebook, you can set up sponsored ads that will display the video to anyone living in the local area. With Facebook’s vast reach and its handy video auto play function, this can be a powerful way to engage local buyers. Your property may grab their attention and spring them into action in a way that an image or listing description could not.

3 – Market Update Videos

Market update videos share market information with potential sellers and buyers. They’re a great way toestablish yourself as the most knowledgeable real estate agent in the local area.

Your market update video can showcase sales or simply share information about the neighbourhood or market. You can use shots from your property videos, or even take advantage of aerial video to fly over the suburb. If you’re using aerial video, be sure to use a licenced, professional service.

To leverage market update videos, share them in your email newsletters and use them in your email signature. You should also upload and share them on YouTube, Facebook, and other relevant social media platforms.

4 – Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are powerful things. When past clients rave about your excellent service, you don’t have to sell yourself – they do the hard work of selling for you.

Testimonials are a form of word of mouth advertising, like the reviews you might research online before you buy a product. But testimonials are much more personal and engaging than reviews, they’re more easily consumable, and they establish a greater level of credibility than simple text on a page.

Testimonial snippets should be a key feature of any agent profile video, but they can also be used in standalone format. For greatest effect, share them on social media, including YouTube.

5 – Snapshot Videos

Snapshot videos give potential buyers and sellers a peek into the behind the scenes side of you and your business. They can help to engender trustestablish your authority as a real estate agent, indirectly showcase a property, and demonstrate your commitment and the lengths you go to in order to make a sale.

Snapshot videos can be 15 seconds long, or a couple of minutes. You could send out a sneak peek at a listing before it hits the market, take a selfie or “vlog” style video at an open home and share how many groups went through, or take a quick video of a property photoshoot or styling session than shows how thorough your sales process is.

For best results, post your snapshot videos on social media.

Top Social Media Video Tip

You’ve probably noticed that for each of these videos, we recommend sharing on Facebook.

When you share a video on Facebook, be sure to upload it directly onto the platform, rather than sharing it on Facebook via YouTube. Videos that are uploaded directly to Facebook are promoted in the news feed, and therefore get more views. Which means more exposure for you and your brand.

Your Say

So there you have it: five great real estate video marketing options we recommend all real estate agents use.

But enough about us – we want to hear from you! Comment below to share how you use video in your real estate office. Do you use any videos we haven’t recommended? If so, why?

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